effe is a fruit of years of R&D and sustained innovative efforts of efftronics. effe is a Division of efftronics, carved out to show case our single minded approach towards building better living comforts, creating unforgettable customer experiences. efftronics believes in delivering Value to customers…products are only by products!! effe is not a business…its about relationship…more about experience. Our continued efforts in creating Value led us to stumble upon features that a customer would cherish, recall and relish!

Smart Lighting

Value for your time!

“we provide light, not lights”

True to our caption, we believe in giving a informed lighting solution to customers. We treat light as an important aspect of a working or home environment. Light makes all the difference…left to us, we will give a professional, scientific and well-engineered solution. We join you to build a solution for your place…custom made for you! Let light lighten up your lives…giving you an immersive experience. We like to give you total comfort…no chintha ! Right light for right work/place/person, low heat generating, no glare, facility to dim, facility to control remotely…comfort has no end! You dream, we bring! Energy efficiency with long life. High thermal efficiency (low heat), consistent performance, 5-year warranty, door step service, least MTBF, weather resistant…are only a few to mention. We install and we service. No third party between YOU and US. KNX compatible. Being a member of KNX, we measure up to world’s best standards, making YOUR lights compatible with any KNX equipment to integrate.

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Smart Buildings

Value of Living

“redefine experience of living ….bring smartness to your life, not gadgets!”

Be it home, office or a work place…effe adds value to your place…place is same, but the experience is different…comforting, unfailingly safe, lasting for longer periods, reliable, and …a fix and forget connectivity!

effe smart building solutions are crafted carefully touching the needs, comforts and wellbeing of customers. We believe in creating ease of smart living.

Comfort…tune your gadgets as per your schedule. WAKE UP ..and simply the blinds will rise, ac to off, lights to soothing dim, coffee maker is on, hot water is ready…the luxury of setting your gadgets to your tailor made needs. We monitor CO2 levels for your good health…provide a dash board view of all gadgets/equipment, voice commands enabled actions, comforts can go on and on…Our hybrid system ensures redundancy ( switches can still be used, for the senior citizens or in case of Net interruptions).

Talk to your gadgets and make them work for you. Yes. Our voice operated system helps you. You can program your comfort zone in your system, and operate from mobile (android or iOS), tablet or PC.

Energy efficiency at its best. With no human element, your paisa will be saved by YOUR smart system. Creating analytics is a value added feature you can act on…high CO2 or high energy guzzlers identified, your consumption patterns reflected for your decision. It’s a data driven decision, not from hearsay!

We follow you like a shadow to see that your system works seamlessly for 5 years, and of course there after. Your system our baby. Our dedicated teams of Company are there…from cradle to growth to maturity! We install, we sustain, we maintain.

KNX. A KNX compliant smart home is a world standard system…compatible to any standard equipment you add to our system. FUTURE ENABLED

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