Energy Efficient Solar LED StreetLighitng Solutions in India | Effe


A fresh and innovative alternative to conventional street lamps is the Solar Powered LED Street Lights from Effe. LED lighting is environmentally friendly and extremely energy efficient, making this the perfect “green” solution to your outdoor lighting needs. Solar LED Street Lights get their energy directly from the sun which means that your power consumption and monthly utility bills are substantially reduced. Their increased lifespan saves you even more money while the higher intensity light provides improved levels of safety and security. With a power backup system that stores up to 42 hours of power, Solar Street Lighting works perfectly even on rainy or cloudy days.

Key benefits:

  • More Useful Light : Optically controlled beams to spread light across the length of the street avoiding light spill and upward sky lighting.
  • Power Saving : Energy savings up to 60% to 70% as compared to Conventional Street Lighting fixtures
  • Longer Life : 5 Year performance warranty and designed for 10 year life (70% of initial light output assured even at the end of 5 years)
  • Reliable Performance : Well tested and aged live at 60o C for 72 hours continuously,to detect any abnormalities in manufacturing and material
  • Dimming Control : Microprocessor based smart controls for dimming and ON/OFF control where required.
  • Ingress Protection : Sealed luminaire housing for ingress protection against dust and insects
  • Mechanically Rugged : Sturdy Aluminum die casted enclosure with industrial grade corrosion resistant protective coatings for longevity
  • Faster Payback : Energy efficient,low maintenance,longer life ensures faster payback in comparison with traditional luminaires

  • Application Areas:

  • Street Lights
  • Roadway Lights
  • Pathway Lights
  • Rampway Lights
  • Sidewalk Lights
  • Farm Lights
  • Remote area Lights
  • Campus Lights
  • Military Lights
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hotels and Houses
  • Group houses

  • Specifications:

    Specification9W Street Lights28W Street Lights
    Solar Module45W 12V150W 24V
    Battery12V 26Ah24V 26Ah
    Input Wattage9W28W
    Light output1050 lm3300 lm
    Color temperature6500K6500K
    Display indicationHealth & Low Battery IndicationHealth & Low Battery Indication
    Back up42 hrs on rainy (or) cloudy days42 hrs on rainy (or) cloudy days
    Pole length4.5 meters from ground level4.5 meters from ground level
    Environment ProtectionIP 65IP 65
    Operating temperature0 oC to 60 oC0 oC to 60 oC