EFFE Lamps

S-Brand Vs Effe Brand Lamp Comparisons

Case study:

APPLICATION: To Light up a 10'X10'(100 Sqft) room with 700 to 800 Lumen lamp

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 APPLICATION: To Light up a 10'X10'(100 Sqft) room with 700 TO 800 Lumen lamp
  Lamp lumen output(Lumen)  672.1    724.02    >100 lm/Watt --- good saving in power consumption.
 >75 lm/Watt   --- moderate saving in power consumption.
 <60 lm/Watt   --- poor saving in power consumption.
 <50 lm/Watt   --- No point in using the lamp.
  Efficacy (Lumen/Watt)(Lm/w)  43.25    103.43  
  LED make  -    Nichia   TOP Branded LED Manufacturers - Osram ,Nichia ,
 LUMI LED's , CREE Branded - Assured Quality and Life.
  No of LED's(Nos)  30    42  
  LED Operated at(mA)  149    46.7    < 50% ------- less stress on LED, High Life.
 < 75%  ------- more stress on LED, moderate Life.
 < 100%------- Higher stress, Low life.
  LED maximum rated current(mA)  180    180  
  % of Maximum rated current used(%)  82.78    25.93  
  Color Temperature(Kelvin)  5888    6257   ~2700K - Warm White
 ~4000K - Neutral White 
 ~5000K - Cool white
 ~6000K - Day Light.
  Solder point temperature raise @ 25°C ambient(°C)  34.9    11.6   LED Junction Temperature < 60°     - Excellent Life
 LED Junction Temperature <85°C    - Good Life
 LED Junction Temperature > 100°C - Poor life not recommended.
  Estimated Junction temperature raise @ 25°C ambient(°C)  68.45    38.88  
  Estimated Junction temperature raise @ 35°C ambient(°C)  78.45    48.88  
  Estimated Junction temperature raise @ 45°C ambient(°C)  88.45    58.88  
  Lamp power(Watts)  13.80    5.7   55% of Power Saved compared to S brand 15W.
  Electrical I/P power(Watts)  15.54    7  
 Power Factor  0.97    0.93   > 0.9.
  VA    15.94    7.56  
  Ithd(%)  20.83    26.22    Ithd < 30%.
  Vthd(%)  3.85    4.29    Vthd < 10%.
  Efficiency(% )  88.79    82.00    Minimum Efficiency > 80%.  
  Power supply PCB   Single side-FR4     Double side-  FR4   Life of normal capacitor - 1000 hours at 85°C
 High Life capacitor - 10000 hours at 105°C
 This factor causes lot of difference in life time of the
 power driver.
  Capacitors      Single     Dual with Redundancy  
  Line filter circuit  No    Yes    Line filter protects the power supply from Power Line
  Driver short circuit protection  Yes    Yes  
  Driver open circuit protection  Yes    Yes  
  Driver I/P surge protection  ?   Yes  
  IEC 61000-4-5  
 Sudden Surges due to Lightening or electrical disturbances will
 damage the driver so driver should be immune towards
 these surges.
  Driver transient protection   ?   Yes  
  IEC 61000-4-4 
 Electrical transients damage the electronic components hence
 the design should ensure  proper immunity.
  Driver voltage dips and interruption protection   ?   Yes  
  IEC 61000-4-11 
 Electrical Line fluctuations will cause the driver to malfunction
 so  the driver should work well even in fluctuating power
  Temperature raise in power supply compartment(°C)  41    20   < 25°C - Good
 More the temperature raise more it degrades the life.
  Luminaire Cover  Plastic    UV Stabilised   Polycarbonate   sheet   UV Stabilised ---- retains whitishness hence better light output.
 Un Stabilised ---- turns yellowish/dirty white over period of
 time  reducing light o/p.
  Housing type  Sheet Metal   ABS Plastic   Sheet Metal - Possibility of rusting and denting.
 ABS Plastic - No rust and dents more elegant.
  Ingress Protection  ?    IP30   IP Protected - no insect and dust entry more clean and more light.
 Non IP - Possibility of dust and insect entry making it dirty
 and degrades light output .
  Case temperature raise above ambient (heat sink)(°C)  20.58    10.51   < 15°C - works well in Indian climatic conditions without
  degradation in   light output.
  <30°C - moderate performance in Indian climatic conditions
  with degradation in light output.
  >40°C - poor performance with higher degradation in light
   24 X 7 Operation  ?     Yes  
  Operating Ambient temperature range(°C)   ?    0 to 60  
  Warranty(years)2  5  
  Life(years)  10  
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