Energy Efficient High CRI LED Lights in India | Effe

High CRI LED Lights

Color rendering property of light plays a vital role and making objects to be illuminated appear more natural and vibrant. With up to 95 CRI, our entire range of products beautifully renders the true colors of everything from flowers to garments and delivering best energy savings.

LED Spot Lights

Exceptional Quality of Light :

The effe Led luminaires delivers 90 CRI across all lumen values and color temperatures with good R9 values for truly vibrant color rendering.

Wide range of Lumen packages:

There are different lumen packages available from 700 lumen to 4000 lumens and good choice for ceiling applications.

Key benefits:

  • Lumen values from 700 to 4000
  • Available in 6, 7 inch round and 0.5’X0.5’, 0.75’X0.75’, 1’X1’, 2’X2’ sizes and shapes
  • Vibrant white color temperatures (2700k,4000k,5000k)
  • High Color rendering-90 CRI with good R9 values
  • Stable CRI and CCT across all color ratings
  • Long Life
  • 5 Years Unconditional warranty
  • Energy Efficient
  • Application Areas:

  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Hospitality