EFFE Uniqueness

Effe Longer life

Longer Life

EFFE LED's last up to 50,000 hours that is nearly more than 11 years with incredible visual impact. Long life of EFFE LED lights could cut the replacement costs & maintenance costs.

Eco friendly Effe LED lights


Eco-friendly means not harmful to the environment. This term refers to product that contribute green living. The less energy you consume, the more money you’ll save.

Glare Free Effe LED lights

Glare Free(Look and feel is pleasant)

Maintains pleasant atmosphere for a long time and gives constant light output. EFFE LED light makes us feel pleasant and looks great.

Low power Effe lights

Low Power Consumption

EFFE LED lights operates by utilizing only 60% of the current and 50% of continuous savings on power.

Low temperature Effe Lights

Works at any temperature

LED's did well in exterior fixtures even when temperatures drops to 20°C or raises to 70°C,where CFL's in many outside fixtures would not start up.

Constant light output from Effe

Constant Light Output

We will observe that some of LED Lights gets faded in light output and becomes uneasy & difficult in observing and seeing things after some years of continuous usage . But there will be no chance of change in color with EFFE LED and gets constant light output after many years of working.

Dust free protection in Effe LED lights

Protects from Insects & Dust

Internal components are totally enclosed with dust tight and corrosion resistant. EFFE LED lights are suitable in wet locations also.The frame arranged round the light is tightly fixed and there will be no space to enter insects.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Available market solutions are used to clean LED lights.Cleaning & Maintenance cost of EFFE LED lights is low when compared to other LED lights

Easy Cleaning and Maintanance with Effe LED lights

Low Heat Dissipation

EFFE LED lights produce far less heat,we can touch & sense, that there is no heat when it was operated.

Cost Effective

The initial cost of an LED can frighten off the most dedicated user , but luckily, this cost pays itself back within five years of installation.One time investment will save many future investments.

Cost Effective LED lights


Our LED lighting experts are specialized in development & manufacturing of LED lights for hospitals, organizations, banks etc & suggests suitable lighting products in specific area.

Best customer service

Customer Service

Customer Service is always to convey a passion for the customer and to consistently deliver the best service experience.All over INDIA,we have customer servicing centers.