LED Indoor Lighting

LED Indoor Lighting

Effe provides best customized LED Lighting solutions in indoor applications with various models and wattages.Effe's LED Lighting models are categorized into ceiling model,grid fixing models,slab/surface fixing models,Wall mounted models,suspended/Hanging models,joint expansion models,cove lighting,Linea series,Spot lights,LED Sky lighting (Stretch ceiling) models and many more...


  • LED Troffer Lighting

    Effe's  motto is to sell light not lights.Our team provides the optimized solution at low cost and best output for customers by analyzing the application area. We also provide customized led lighting products to the customer according to their requirements.

  • LED Sky Lighting

    LED Sky lighting is one of the best energy efficient solution from Effe providing beautiful and pleasant look to your room.Selected area of the room can be illuminated(On/Off) or dimmed using Effe's Sky lighting mobile application .

  • LED Corridor Lighting

    Effe's Led Corridor Lighting gives high Quality and safest lighting for walkways with best power saving.

  • LED Spot Lighting

    Led Spot lights are ideal replacement for halogen and filament lighting with very low power,long life and high stability and achieving up to 80% energy savings.Please click here to know more about Effe's Spot Lighting.